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Deal Image 12 Ga - $85.00/50 ( - Cost per round: $1.7
Updated: 3/15/2014 (47 months ago)
Ddupleks Dupo28 Steel Slug - Slug HB/BO/NC
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Deal Image 12 Ga - $9.95/5 ( - Cost per round: $1.99
Added: 3/15/2014 (47 months ago)
Rossa 32 DDupleks 2.75" 1.125oz - Slug HB/BO/NC
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Deal Image Lyman Turbo Sonic TS-6000 Sonic Cleaner - $284.99 (Cabela's)
Updated: 3/15/2014 (47 months ago)
Clean brass cases inside & out, including primer pockets, using state-of-the- art ultrasonic technology. Ultrasonic cavitation lifts & dissolves carbon, dirt & other residue. Stainless steel heated for optimum cleaning performance tank w/ separate excited transducers deliver superior cleaning action
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Deal Image ArmaLite AR-30A1 5 Round Magazine .300/.338 - $86.45 (Mag Commander)
Updated: 3/15/2014 (47 months ago)
In stock and ready to ship. $4.95 Priority Shipping on all orders until 3-17.
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Deal Image Three Volume Set Catalog #36 - $25.95 (Numrich Gun Parts (e-gunparts))
Updated: 3/15/2014 (47 months ago)
Three Volume Set Catalog #36
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Deal Image Northwood Trigger - Conversion KIT for Kel-Tec PF-9, Aluminum Finish ***Free Shipping!!*** - $49.00 (Northwood Components)
Updated: 3/13/2014 (47 months ago)
Kit includes: (1) Aluminum Trigger #ATPF9T (Aluminum Finish) (1) Trigger Pin #PF9-253 (1) Stainless #6-32 x 3/16" Nylock Setscrew (1) 2mm Pin Punch (1) 3mm Pin Punch (1) 1/16" Allen Hex Key
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Deal Image .40 S&W - $12.99/50 (Cabela's) - Cost per round: 26.0 cents
Updated: 3/13/2014 (47 months ago)
Herter's TNJ (Total Nylon Jacket) - 165gr LR AL/BO/NC
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Deal Image .45 ACP - $21.99/50 (Cabela's) - Cost per round: 44.0 cents
Updated: 3/13/2014 (47 months ago)
Prvi Partizan - 230gr FMJ BR/BO/NC
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Deal Image Glock Full Auto Only Kit - $85.00 (
Updated: 3/12/2014 (47 months ago)
These kits are 80% complete so they can be sold to anyone. That way if you are close to getting your SOT you can prepare for your demo firearms.The kit comes with full dimensions and instructions of how to finish the kit and install it. It will make your glock a FULL AUTO machine gun! ALL NFA RULES APPLY! Your kit will also come with the paperwork to LEGALLY finish your kit! Very simple, and easy. No specialized tools required. FREE SHIPPING!
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Deal Image Magpul MOE Fixed Carbine Stock Mil-Spec. Black - Free Shipping!! - $47.45 (AIM Surplus)
Updated: 3/12/2014 (47 months ago)
Mil-Spec Model provides a fixed, non-collapsing stock option for carbine- length buffer tubes. The MOE Fixed Carbine Stock has a slim profile, improved cheek weld, and multiple sling attachment options, and is compatible with the ASAP Plate and PRS Extended Rubber Butt Pad.
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Deal Image Full Auto Jig for AK 47 or AK 74 - $24.95 (Requiem Arms)
Added: 3/12/2014 (47 months ago)
The easiest full auto AK 47 or AK 74 jig in the world!Our patented full auto jig is a snap.Just align the jig as shown in the pictures, clamp it into place and drill the 1/8 inch pilot holes.Remove the jig, drill the 7mm hole and the 5mm hole and install the auto sear.That's it! This Item is not covered under NFA rules according to the BATFE. It's legal to own and requires no Tax Stamp according to the owners of Requiem Arms.
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Deal Image MIDWEST INDUSTRIES SSK-KEY MOD 12" Handguard ***Free Shipping!!*** - $199.90 (AIM Surplus)
Updated: 3/11/2014 (47 months ago)
One Piece Free Float Handguard for AR type Rifles. Incredibly light weight design. Super Slim 1.5" Diameter. Features 5 anti-rotation QD sling swivel sockets. Rugged hard coat anodized 6061 aluminum construction. Proprietary Barrel Nut & Barrel Nut Wrench included. Includes 1 Key-Mod Rail Section
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Deal Image Burris AR Prism 1x Sight Electro-Dot Reticle - $279.99 (Cabela's)
Added: 3/11/2014 (47 months ago)
Rugged, recoil- and weather-resistantCalibrated for .223-caliber ballisticsBullet-drop compensation marks for long-range shotsSuper-fast target acquisition.
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Deal Image .308/7.62x51 - $27.83/20 (I.Q. Metals Inc.) - Cost per round: $1.39
Updated: 3/11/2014 (47 months ago)
HSM Subsonic - 175gr FMJ BR/BO/NC
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Deal Image Flare pistols Flare Adapter 26.5mm to 12ga - $15.99 (Military Shooters, LLC)
Added: 3/10/2014 (47 months ago)
These made in the USA 12ga signal flare adapters will fit most European made 26.5mm Flare Pistols. They will allow you to shoot 12ga signal flares from your 26.5mm pistols. Ideal to carry along to be compliant with marine regulations and still be able to enjoy the more reasonably priced 26.5 flares.
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