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Deal Image Bulgarian 9x18 Makarov Pistol w/Bakelite + Polymer Grips, Surplus Excellent/Like New Condition - $299.99 (The Armory)
Updated: 1/12/2017 (6 days ago)
The Armory is has obtained an exceptional lot of Bulgarian Makarov Pistols chambered in 9x18 Makarov. Bulgarian Makarovs are some of the best and most sought after variants of the pistol. These Makarov pistols have been sealed away in crates with a healthy layer of cosmoline applied to the entire pistol to preserve all of the components so rest assured that these are excellent examples. Please expect the possibility of handling and storage marks/slight scratches from being stored in crates. Our Bulgarian Makarov pistols include the following: 9x18mm Bulgarian Makarov Pistol w/Chrome Lined Barrel, One 8 Round Magazine, Original Bakelite Grip, Black Polymer Grip, Original Leather Holster + Cleaning Rod and Original Leather Lanyard / Tether.
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Deal Image Beretta 92S Semi Auto Pistol, 9mm, 4.9" Barrel, Early Italian S Model, Black, G- VG, Used - $299.95 (J&G Sales)
Updated: 1/2/2017 (16 days ago)
Beretta 92S semi auto pistol in 9mm caliber. Earlier production 2nd Series (pre-F) Italian Beretta. Features 4.9" barrel, double/single action, dovetail mounted sights, slide mounted decocking safety, rounded trigger guard, and black plastic grips (grip checkering pattern may vary.) Mag release is on the lower left grip panel, and one 15rd mag is included. Uses mags with lower S cut. Made in Italy. Overall Good to Very Good condition with some wear showing and small areas of corrosion might be found. Some transition pistols with the FS hammer pin may be found. Black finish may be matte or polished. PW import mark on slide. Used.
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Deal Image Polish Random P-64 Surplus 9X18mm - Excellent Condition! - $219.95 (Royal Tiger Imports)
Updated: 12/17/2016 (1 month ago)
Surplus Polish Radom P64 9X18 caliber pistols. Designed in the early 1960's by Polish Army personnel, this pistol replaced the TT-33 as the standard service pistol of the Polish Army and Government agencies. Each features the 1960'-70's year of production and "Circle 11" markings. These Pistols are in very nice condition and will have minor to moderate metal finish wear. Includes a total of 1-6rd magazines and holster.
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Deal Image Polish Radom P64 Pistol - 9x18 Caliber - Semi-Auto w/ 2 Mags - C&R Eligible - $199.99 (Classic Arms)
Updated: 11/23/2016 (2 months ago)
Historic Polish P64 pistol manufactured in the famous Radom Plant, semi-automatic complete with two 6rd magazines, 9x18 caliber. These are very nice examples of these pistols and we especially like the discreet and unobtrusive importer stamp on these - it is on the underside of the pistol forward of the trigger guard and leaves the visible sides of the slide and the original factory markings unmolested.
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Deal Image Yugoslavian M57 TT Tokarev Pistol - 7.62x25 Caliber - Surplus Good / Very Good Condition - $219.99 (Classic Arms)
Updated: 11/23/2016 (2 months ago)
Yugoslavian TTC Tokarev Semi-Auto Pistol Manufactured by Zastava Arms - 7.62x25 caliber
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Deal Image ATI American Tactical Imports GSG 1911 .22LR 10Rd. - USED - $299.00 (Hoosier Armory)
Added: 11/19/2016 (2 months ago)
ATI American Tactical Imports GSG 1911 .22LR 10Rd. This Pistol is in Very Good Condition overall. It comes with the original case, (1) 10 Rd. Mag, and the original paperwork and accessories.
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Deal Image Glock 22 40S&W Gen 4 Semi Auto Pistol, Night Sights, Very Good Plus, Used - $399.95 (J&G Sales)
Added: 11/18/2016 (2 months ago)
Glock Model 22 Gen 4 semi auto pistol chambered in 40S&W. This full size firearm features a black polymer frame with squared off, serrated trigger guard and integrated front accessory rail, black steel slide with night sights, and Glock's legendary "Safe Action Trigger" system. Law Enforcement trade
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Deal Image FEG AP-MBP 7.65 Semi Auto Pistol, 32ACP, Blued, Good to Very Good, Used - $219.95 (J&G Sales)
Added: 10/18/2016 (3 months ago)
FEG AP MBP semi auto pistol chambered in 32ACP (7.65 Browning) caliber. Features a 3.9'' barrel, blued finish on slide, black anodizing on alloy frame, double action trigger, decocking safety, and one 8rd magazine. Walther PP style CAI import, made in Hungary. Good to Very Good condition, with visible wear and missing finish and discolored anodizing, grips will have worn areas and may or may not have a thumbrest. Used. CAI# HG3719.
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Deal Image Polish P83 Semi Auto Pistol, 9x18, 3.5'' Barrel, G-VG Condition, Used - $219.95 (J&G Sales)
Updated: 10/11/2016 (3 months ago)
Polish P83 semi auto pistol chambered in 9x18 caliber. These were adopted in the early 1980's to replace the P64 in Polish military and police service. The P83 "WANAD" is manufactured at Radom (Factory 11) by Z.M. Lucznic from stamping and weldments. Features a chrome bore, double action trigger, slide mounted decocker, slide lock and external hammer. Comes with ONE 8 round single stack magazine and a holster. CAI Importe stamp on side of slide. Good to very good condition, not C&R, Used. #HG3278
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Deal Image BERETTA Model 92S 9mm, Trade-ins - $279.00 (Southern Ohio Gun)
Updated: 9/29/2016 (4 months ago)
We received an excellent deal, so we are passing the savings on to you! These are 16 shot Italian military and state police pistols from an arsenal in Italy. Boxes have Beretta labels on them. They come with 1-15rd magazine and are in mechanically fine condition. Very good condition with some finish wear.
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Deal Image Romanian Tokarev TTC Semi Auto Pistol, 7.62x25 Caliber, Blued, C&R, Used - $219.95 (J&G Sales)
Updated: 9/19/2016 (4 months ago)
Romanian military surplus Tokarev TTC pistol. Nice blued finish with somewhat dark but shootable bore. Includes one 8rd magazine. Does NOT include a holster. Frame may or may not have lanyard loop. Used in overall very good condition. C&R eligible. PW Arms import.
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Deal Image Glock 22 3rd Generation Handgun 40 S&W 15 Rounds Black Police Trade-In - Free Shipping! - $345.00 (
Updated: 9/8/2016 (4 months ago)
The 3rd Generation Glock 22 is one of, if not the, most prolific pistols in the United States. The main reasons for this are its wide use by police agencies, as well as it being chambered in .40, which is in wide use by local, state, and federal agencies. The reasons those agencies choose the Glock also makes it a good choice for those who can legally own and carry firearms. It is a well made weapon, light, easy to shoot well, and will not break the bank. The refurbished pistols offer an even better deal to those who want to try a Glock, or are in need of a good pistol, without having to pay new-pistol prices.
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Deal Image Polish Flare Pistol - $80.00 (United Nations Ammo Company)
Added: 7/19/2016 (6 months ago)
26.5 Polish Mfg. Flare Pistol. Excellent Condition. Made out of sturdy blued steel. We sell flares and sub cal conversions. Legal in all states to any legal citizen of 18 however buyer is responsible to check their local laws.
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Deal Image Polish P-64 Compact Police Pistol 9x18 - $239.00 (Southern Ohio Gun)
Updated: 5/28/2016 (8 months ago)
The P64 is a Walther PPK style compact pistol produced for military and police forces. This semi-auto has chrome bore, decocking safety, all steel constuction, loaded chamber indicator and 1-6rd magazine. Excellent condition 9x18 makarov caliber pistols.
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Deal Image Soviet M1895 Nagant Revolver 1912 C&R - $325.00 (RGuns)
Updated: 5/22/2016 (8 months ago)
Soviet M1895 Nagant Revolver 1912. This is the date of manufacture. Includes Holster, Tool, Cleaning Rod and is in Very Good + Condition.
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Deal Image Bulgarian Makarov 9x18 Military Surplus Pistols Excellent Condition, Appears Unissued - $299.00 (Southern Ohio Gun)
Added: 1/17/2016 (12 months ago)
Historic, Original Military Pistols! Small lot of the military makarovs. These are TRUE collectors pistols! They have included the maintenance log books from the arsenal with each pistol! In addition, they have a leather lanyard with holster and cleaning rod. 9X18 Caliber 3 1/2 BBL SA / DA Fixed Sights All Steel Construction Original Grips Accessories:- Holster- Cleaning Rod- Leather Lanyard- Log Book 1-8rd Magazine
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Deal Image Bulgarian Makarov Pistol, Semi-Auto, 9x18mm Caliber- Excellent to Like New Condition - $329.00 (Classic Arms)
Added: 10/2/2015 (16 months ago)
Bulgarian Makarov Pistol, 9x18 mm Semi-Auto, W / 1 - 8 Round Magazine. Excellent to Like New Condition.
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Deal Image Polish Makarov P83 Pistol 9x18 - $239.95 (Southern Ohio Gun)
Added: 8/11/2015 (18 months ago)
These pistols are currently being used by military and government agencies in Poland. All steel construction with durable grips. These 9x18 Makarov caliber pistols come with 2-8rd magazines, 3 1/2" barrel, double action with slide mounted decocker, external hammer and chrome bore. Very good to excellent condition.
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Deal Image Polish P64 Semi Auto Pistol, 9x18 Caliber, Blued, VG Condition, Used - $229.95 (J&G Sales)
Updated: 4/7/2015 (22 months ago)
Polish P64, 9x18 caliber semi auto pistol. This is a double/single action pistol, Walther PPK style with 3/8" barrel, with one 6rd magazine. Nice overall bluing except for discoloration or refinishing on left side of slide where import mark was made. C&R eligible.
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