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Deal Image SKS stripper clips for Norinco Rifles, steel. New - $0.30 (J&G Sales)
Updated: 5/13/2013 (21 months ago)
Steel 10 round clips for fast loading of your SKS rifle. New. For Norinco SKS rifles. (Ammo not included, non-Norinco SKS rifles may require fitting)
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Deal Image Red Dot Arms Training Target 24"x36" - $0.49 (Red Dot Arms)
Added: 11/29/2013 (14 months ago)
Red Dot Arms is proud to make available the MDT-1 Tactical Target. the targets available for tactical training as there was anatomical targets and silhouette targets on the market, but they did not emphasize the tactical anatomy scoring and the pelvic shot emphasis for shooting against body armor.
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Deal Image 9 mm Action Trainer Dummy Rounds - $0.87 (ST Action Pro)
Added: 8/27/2013 (17 months ago)
9mm Dummy Round. Totally inert. New Nickel case with ABS plastic insert (Orange)makes the round highly visible. The brass case eliminates rim breakage and the one piece ABS insert will not compress. The rounds are available at any number needed, packed loose in bags or packed in Berrys Ammo Boxes
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Deal Image M.91/30, SKS, AK Oil Can - $0.99 (Royal Tiger Imports)
Added: 3/27/2014 (10 months ago)
Various styles (our choice) of oil can for M91/30, SKS, AK and similar rifles.
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Deal Image AR-15 /M-16 Stripper Guide - $1.00 (Allegheny Arsenal, Inc.)
Added: 5/28/2011 (45 months ago)
Stripper clip guide for the AR-15 and M-16. Enables you to use a stripper clip on your magazines.
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Deal Image 12 Gauge Action Trainer Dummy Rounds - $1.14 (ST Action Pro)
Added: 8/27/2013 (17 months ago)
12 gauge Dummy Round. Totally inert, new hull with ABS plasitc insert (Orange). Packed in bags (no minimum) or cardboard box (25). Also available packed in Berry's plastic Ammo Box (Color of box may vary).
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Deal Image Mosin-Nagant Ammo Pouch - $2.00 (RGuns)
Updated: 11/11/2014 (3 months ago)
Mosin-Nagant Ammo Pouch. Fits M91, M91/30, M38 and M44.
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Deal Image Mosin Nagant Stripper Clip, New Polish-Random - $2.25 (RTG International)
Added: 12/7/2014 (2 months ago)
Mosin Nagant clip. New condition Polish production, the best quality clips available for your Nagant. Will work with all Mosin-Nagant rifles including Russian, Romainian, Polish Etc.
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Deal Image .50 BMG - $2.45/1 (Thunderbird Cartridge Company) - Cost per round: $2.45
Updated: 8/19/2014 (5 months ago)
Thunderbird Cartridge (reman) - 647gr API BR/BO/NC
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Deal Image Chinese Round 2 Chamber Metal Oil Can - $2.49 (Cope's Distributing)
Added: 11/23/2014 (2 months ago)
These are good used condition round oil bottles, with lots of character. Bottle has 2 chambers with chinese characters on the front. May have minor dents or dings form age and usage.
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Deal Image Multiple Pro Gun Vinyl Stickers - $2.50 (JoeBob Outfitters)
Added: 8/6/2010 (55 months ago)
Many different progun vinyl stickers from AR15, Ak47, to Hand grenade and everything inbetween.
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Deal Image M1 Garand EnBloc Clip Ejector Spring USGI Used - $2.50 (PackRats Collectibles)
Added: 6/21/2014 (7 months ago)
Clip Ejector Springs for the trigger housing. All used USGI and nice.
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Deal Image HK G3 Military Surplus .308 20 Round Magazine - $2.75 (Mag Commander)
Updated: 6/26/2014 (7 months ago)
Used, military surplus aluminum 20 round magazine for HK G3, HK91, and PTR91 rifles. Condition: fair.
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Deal Image Austrian FAL Magazine Pouch - $2.79 (
Updated: 11/14/2014 (3 months ago)
These are Austrian STG-58 magazine pouches and they are some of the nicest we've ever had. The STG-58 was the Austrian version of the famous FN FAL rifle, so these mag pouches are designed to hold any 20-round FAL magazine.
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Deal Image 100 Winchester small pistol primers. - $2.99 (MunireUSA)
Updated: 4/6/2014 (10 months ago)
Winchester Primers - Small Pistol 100/Box - NO LIMIT Non-corrosive, all weather primers deliver fast, dependable ignition under any shooting condition. Winchester works to make sure all primers are reliable, instant and precise. In Winchester testing labs, primers are constantly and rigorously tested for consistency and sensitivity at temperatures and conditions far beyond the range of normal usage.
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